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Thread: Ak Hunting News: Fall Kenai Brown Bear Drawing Hunts Closed

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    Arrow Ak Hunting News: Fall Kenai Brown Bear Drawing Hunts Closed

    This news clip is from Alaska Hunting News. Discussion is welcome. This news feed is robot generated.

    From an ADFG News Release:

    The fall portion of the drawing permit hunts for brown bear on the Kenai Peninsula has been closed by an Alaska Department of Fish and Game emergency order.

    Hunts DB301, DB303, DB305, DB307 and DB309 in GMUs 7 & 15 are closed effective September 15, 2007.

    The hunts were closed due to human caused mortality greater than management guidelines permit.

    Read the entire news release >>>

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    Default Note to self...

    Don't put in for one of these permits.


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    I'd still put in for one, as it'll be open in the spring. That being said, it's kind of silly that they close it now. Management-wise, how does it make a difference if a bear is harvested in the fall vs. the spring? The only thing I can think of is that a barren sow in the fall may have cubs come spring time, but other than that... Personally, I think that F&G is waaaay underestimating the Kenai brown bear population, but given their lack of funding, you can't really blame 'em. I suppose that is a topic for another thread, though.

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    Default Thought I would resurrect this thread!

    Some how, I hold a DB 301 permit, and was not too concerned about last fall's closure. (had enough on my plate). I have more or less started hunting this tag the last week or so.
    As Im sure alot of us know, there is Definately a healthy population of brownies in there, but I think one of the motivations behind F&G is too harvest what would otherwise be a DLP.
    Anyhow, this has proven to be a rather late spring, and it has still been winter in Seward, hopefull things improve in the coming days.

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    Not sure exactly what area your tag is, but I saw one off Marathon Rd Monday evening that I guessed at a solid 9'. Found a track this morning in the same area that is 8" on the button, so with the +1' theory, that's about 9'.
    Wish I'd have had a tag for 15A.
    Vance in AK.

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