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    Default Moose Call

    I am looking for some advice on a moose call for this fall's hunt. I no nothing about them, never used and probably never saw one. I would prefer something small and cheap. Anyone have one for sale?

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    Default just my thoughts

    First off, if you are by sportsmans warehouse,they have numerous types, as well as a couple of videos called love, thunder & bull which shows how to call in a moose. it really isn't that hard to do with your voice, if you feel cofident with your voice, then just get the fiberglass looking megaphone, to amplify your voice.

    Good Luck

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    Default No Call

    You don't really need a call. You need something to break and thrash brush and such, but even then you can use a strong branch. Watch everything you can on calling moose and go out and get the experience. Moose calling is about the easiest calling to do in hunting.

    If you are looking for a nice call or some really good videos you should look up and see their calls and videos. Maryo, a friend of mine who just died very recently was one of the best moose callers and hunters in the world. His videos and calls are among the best around.
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    Default moose call electronic

    i use the phantom electronic cal theyhaveit a boondocks er i have called bulls in and a large number of cows

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    We used to use just use a metal coffe can. Drill a small hole in the center of the bottom, put a shoelace through the hole so the string goes through the inside of the can out the opening. Get the string wet, pinch with fingers and give it some tugs to make a nice grunt sound.

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    Rub a scapula or canoe paddle in the alders. and do the ol' pinch your nose bull call that will do the trick.

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    Default The Link

    Wayne Kubat's site. He makes these "Bull Magnets" one-by-one, and sell thousands every year.

    They REALLY work.


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    Default Get the video...

    Love, Thunder and bull. Do it with you're voice and a fiberglass megaphone. It's relatively easy, and you can use the megaphone as a hearing aid as well.
    and practice a lot

    good luck
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    When I get into the field, if I want to call I just pick up a stick and beat the brush, slowly pour water from a large can into the river, or cut a piece of birch bark and roll it up making a megaphone and grunting through it. Also be careful when cutting or splitting fire wood with an ax, have seen bulls come in to that.

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    moose call:

    P.S. see if you can get a hold of Love Thunder and Bull
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    If your looking at Love Thunder and Bull, get LTB 2 instead, or get both, but not watching the second video would be a true loss. IMO the 2nd video is MUCH better than the first.
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