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    Did anyone fish out of and around any of the rivers and streams around Petersburg this summer?If so can would you give a report be it good or bad!Thanks!

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    I would like to know as well. Going to visit my brother there next week. Gonna be spending a good amount of time over on Castle river.....

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    Default Reports from P-town

    The reports I've heard so far have been that nobody said anything about Kah Sheets this year which means that it was your normal year, decent sockeye, and the coho should be showing up soon. The last thing I heard from Castle was last Sunday and there wasn't a fish in sight. You might try fishing some of the creeks in the narrows, people have been doing well with Coho's there. Also I would bounce around Duncan checking out the other creeks. Castle is a hit or miss fishery, if you have rain and big tides the river is large enough that fish just keep going up.


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