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Thread: Hondamatic Transmission Slippage

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    Default Hondamatic Transmission Slippage

    I have an 06 Honda Rancher 4X4 400 AT with the hondamatic transmission. A lot of times when I start leaving from a stop being gravel roads, the beach, or tundra the transmission will slip to a higher gear and proceed to go really slow because it is on like the 4th or 5th gear. I have to completely stop to let the transmission recycle itself back to the first gear to get going normally again. I have changed the oil and it still does that. Would flushing out the engine to clean out the impurities that may be causing that to happen fix the problem? What makes it slip? It happens about 50 percent of the time I ride it. Does anyone know how to fix the slipping problem?

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    Default Oil

    My neighbor was having problems with his and changed the oil to the correct kind. He had used the wrong oil and it didnt have the correct friction modifiers in it. I beleive he used amsoil and it cured it. Hillbilly

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    Angry What's the deal Hondamechanic?

    Good to know I don't have the only 2006 Honda Rancher doing this! If I use the auto setting and VERY slowly and strategically throttle up, it does fine. Trying to actually throttle regular never works. The motor revs, but it seems like I'm starting in third gear so I barely move. Just changed the oil and filter bought from the Honda delearship to no avail. Cleaned battery terminals with the same outcome. Any ideas?

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    Default More than one

    You may need to change the oil and filter more than once with the correct oil if incorrect oil was used previously. I use Chevron 10-40 that Costco sells. It meets the Honda requirements and I have not noticed any problems In my Rubicon.

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    Red face Maybe

    My wheeler only has 600 miles on it. Is the oil your only suggestion? Not saying it's wrong, just looking for other possibilities.

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    The wrong oil is usually the cause to tranny slippage in a Honda. If you use "energy conserving" oil you will likely end up with some slippage. Did you use this type of oil? If you did, you may have found your problem. You will need to run it and change it a few times to relieve the problem.
    If you did not, then you have more serious problems. Also check your oil level.
    As a side note, some honda oils are energy conserving (for use in other honda internal combustion engines) so make sure it is NOT energy conserving oil, even if it Honda Oil.

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    Take a look at this site, it is one of the best I have seen for Honda problem fixing. I believe that there are even a few Honda mechanics on the site who freely give solutions to problems.

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    Default Thanks

    I'll try the oil again if I can't locate anything on the suggested site (which is awesome!). Appreciate that BEARBOB! That oil replacement gets expensive after a while and just becomes annoying. Yet not quite as annoying as a screwed up day of riding. The lesser of two evils I guess. Thanks for the suggestions, and I'll keep you updated on my progress or lack thereof.

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    Default Angle Sensor?

    Looking into the threads on the other site it may be my angle sensor. The "codes" that people talk about, do they flash a set number of times with
    "--" displayed in the gear indicator? If so, I might be onto someything. Where is the angle sensor on a 2006 honda rancher 400AT? Illustration would be nice if anyone has one to scan in or perhaps download.

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    If nobody has the answer to your question here, just join the Honda website and ask your question there. I have seen a lot of people asking for different type of codes and as I mention, I believe that there are a couple of Honda mechanics on that site that will answer questions for you, if you are a member.

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    Default On it

    Good idea. I'll try it and see what happens. Thanks again.

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    Smile Cured!

    Just in case I described someone else's problem, I replaced the angle sensor and it worked great yesterday.


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