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    Default Stolen Wheeler

    I posted this in the ATV section also, but hope a hunter will see this here.

    Last Friday, Aug. 17, a friend had his 4 wheeler break down within a mile of the road at Eureka. It was on the trail that leaves from the gravel pit on the Glennallen side of Eureka. It was not able to be towed out with what they had and they had two caribou to deal with. He checked on it Saturday and Sunday, but when he went to tow it out yesterday(Tuesday) it was gone. Both rear wheels had broke off so it would have taken some effort to get it out of there. If anyone has any info I would like to hear it. You can PM me if you like. Thank you.

    '94 Polaris 400L, 2 stroke, red and gray, steel racks, and both rear hubs broken. There are a few little things on the machine that a couple of us can identify it by. I am also tracking down the VIN from the previous owner. Any help would be great. Thanks again.

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    Default check with dmv

    they will have the vin from when you registered it with them

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    Default hot

    down here in the low 48 4 wheelers are a hot commadity. mine was stolen by a crackhead in alabama. even after he was arrested he would not give up it's location. at least i have another game animal to hunt this year.

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    Default stolen wheeler

    Question is how many caribou did you see in this area. last year there was a bunch, i did not get a permit this year, chef

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    Default Chef

    Give him a break man...I mean he posts about some dirtbag making off with his buddy's ATV and you ask "Where's the Caribou"?

    Maybe it's me but that's a litle cheesy.


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