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    Is the fishing still good up on Jim Creek?

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    Spent some time there Sunday evening -- nadda (a couple hookups, but none landed). Then went back Wednesday for a couple hours around noon. Very slow catching. Lots of fish around, but they had lockjaw. I didn't have a single hit the entire time. Saw one silver fair hooked and landed, and watched an older kid keep a blatantly fouled salmon, to the ire of a couple of the other fisherman. The "adult" with him only made excuses...

    Lots of room to fish, though! At times we had 15 or so folks with us, but at one point it was just my wife, myself, and my 5 year old tossing lures! The entry road ain't half-bad anymore. The city was hauling burnt-out cars around today, and their tractors have smoothed out the ruts leading down out of the "highlands." Just wish the fishing was better.
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    Thumbs down Jim Creek

    It is slowing down out at Jim Creek. Not many new fish coming in. Time to switch to a different place that is more productive.

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    I was there last week and found the fishing slow as well. There were good numbers of silvers in the vicinity, but not many biting. Roe seemed to be working best.

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    Thanks guys. I guess silver fishing around here isn't going to pick up at all. Let's up for the Kenai silver run is a lot better.


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