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Thread: this is what it is all about part 2

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    Talking this is what it is all about part 1

    First off i was looking for a single shot 22 and had several guys offer to just loan me one and to thoose of you who see this thanks again!!!!! But wally world had a little rossi that fit the bill just fine so off to eureka we went and he loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A little riding top of old man creek hill

    a little learning blue berries

    I knew thoose waders was a good idea

    stuck in the mud

    crooked creek

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    Talking this is what it is all about part 2

    and its amazing how all the fresh air makes a young man hungry lunch at flat creek

    or maybe it was i had said something about shooting after we eat!!!!!

    And after 3 i love you grandpa's it was a great time had by us both
    and i figured i did it after this picture
    My grandson Sean

    thanks again guys and have fun

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    Good job Grandpa!! Thanks for the photos. Too bad all kids can't grow up with caring adults involved in their lives.

    The porcupine is a peaceful animal yet God still thought it necessary to give him quills....


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