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Thread: GMU 16A Hunting/ Fishing????

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    Default GMU 16A Hunting/ Fishing????

    Hello, I am a new member on this forum & I have joined in search of is my situation. I am thinking of purchasing land around trapper creek, ak as a recreational investment for me & my family. We chose this area because it is centrally located to what seems to be good fishing, hunting, & skiing. It is located in GMU 16A. What should I expect from black bear & moose hunting as well are area fishing in this section. Some articles have stated that this area is over fished & over hunted. Any information concerning this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Reviving the old thread

    A friend has offered the use of his cabin in GMU 16A next year or later. It's a few miles down below the road at Peter's Creek, maybe between forks of the creek (still struggling with Google Earth). Sounds like decent moose habitat, but how hard are the animals to find there? Any local caribou herds wandering about (seems pretty clearly not on a major migration route)? He says there are grayling in the little un-named lake.All comments appreciated, thanks.


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