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Thread: Tracking Caribou Online

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    Default Tracking Caribou Online

    I was told there is link via Alaska Fish and Wildlife to follow the tagged caribou online. Does anyone know where that might be???? Could not find on AFW site. Tx

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    As you read on, you will find that the web sites do not update until the information is essentially irrelevant.

    It seems, that in the 'information age' of today, that F&G would publish a general "BLOG" entry of sorts of each of the major herds and their general locations.

    Until they do this; you are left with only a couple of options:
    1 - Call the biologists/game managers directly (see below; I posted a bunch of their numbers)
    2 - Call air taxis and guides; some may help you out
    3 - Read every post in these forums about caribou.

    The Alaskan site is really irrelevant:
    "At the request of the Porcupine Caribou Management Board, this web-site will no longer be updated with current satellite collar locations of the Porcupine Caribou Herd."

    Western Arctic Caribou Map:

    Canada has a web site:

    Aleutian Islands: 907-592-2406 / 532-2445
    Soldotna: 907-262-9368
    Galena Herd: 907-656-1345
    Ray Mountain Herd: 907 656-1345
    Porcupine Herd: 907-459-7236
    White Mountain Herd: 907-459-7213
    Wolf Mountain Herd: 907-656-1345
    McGrath: 907-524-3323
    Dillingham: 907-842-2334
    Bethel: 907-543-2979
    King Salmon: 907-246-3340

    GMU 9: 907-246-3340
    GMU 10: 907 246-3340
    GMU 12: 907-883-2971
    GMU 13: 907-822-3461
    GMU 14B: 907-746-6300
    GMU 16B: 907-746-6300
    GMU 19: 907-524-3323
    GMU 20A: 907-459-7233
    GMU 20D: 907-895-4484
    GMU 20E: 907-883-2971
    GMU 21: 907-271-5960
    GMU 23: 907 442-2271
    GMU 25A: 907-459-7236
    GMU 26A: 907-852-3464
    GMU 26B: 907-459-7236
    GMU 26C: 907-459-7236


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