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Thread: Bagging an Aire Traveler

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    Default Bagging an Aire Traveler

    I'm wondering what people with Aire Travelers have used for transporting their boats through the airports, supercubs, etc. What bag dimensions have worked the best for you? What bag held up to the abuse. Haven't seen anything that I thought would hold up to the abuse as of yet. Thanks

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    I should add that it's a far,far better idea to use Alaska Air cargo/ UPS/USPS and ship your gear in advance of your trip. Use a plastic open lid 55 gallon drum (on ebay) for your canoe and relax that lost/misplaced/delayed luggage won't ruin your trip.

    Good luck either way.

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    Default Aire traveler

    Thanks for the input. Trip is getting to close to send the boat up so I'll probably just keep everything light as possible. I'm not bringing up the seats or paddles since I already have some up there. Lighter the better.

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    Default Another idea

    I use nylon grain sacks, available at most feed stores, for shipping much of my odd-sized items. They are very light, tough, and only cost a buck or so.

    You might also be able to ship that Traveler in a larger Action Packer.

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