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    Does anyone have or know of anyone that owns an HS Precision rifle? I am wanting to purchase one in the 300 WSM, but would sure like to hear from people who may have any knowlege on it before I send in my deposit.

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    I have no experience with their take down firearms, and have not owned one, but have shot several. They are very nice, great shooting firearms. For a semi-custom, they have great accuracy and finish. I am also a big fan of their stocks.

    I have a custom 300wsm that has their steel bottom metal and detachable magazine. Very nice and more stiff than the aluminum used in factory rifles. I ordered the gun prior to moving up to Alaska and only wish I had gotten a 338 or 375 over the 300wsm, but its still a great caliber and my firearm is awesome. Its a Remington Ti action, bolt face opened up for the magnum case and a sako extractor installed, Kreiger stainless barrel fluted, custom bedded McMillan green and grey marbled stock and H-S Precision bottom metal described above. Let me know if you veer away from the H-S and want a custom--I might be talked out of my 300WSM to free room for a larger bore.

    But if you stay on the HS Precision path, you shouldn't be sorry---great guns.

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