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Thread: Lithium batteries

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    Default Lithium batteries

    i will be coming to alaska in september and wanted to know about taking Lithium batteries on the plane with me for my flashlight and my camera,i read on another site saying that it was not allowed to have theses on a commercial airline.i have looked at alaska airlines and could not find anything stating that it was not allowed,if anyone has any input im all ears.

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    Not much help but I have heard you are not allowed to take them on but it is not enforced. I would take them but have a backup plan to buy some if there is a problem. I am curious what others say though, since I will have this same question in 8 months.

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    I have never heard of this restriction. Lots and lots of battery types are a lithium variety of one sort or another, especially camera & laptop batteries. I have never been questioned before by airport security, and I usually carry several electronic devices in my carry-on: camera, laptop, cell phone, etc.

    Personally, I would worry about it, but that's me.


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