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    Does any one have any experience with the mercury suppresors that Brownells sells. These are the ones that fit in the stock. I have a Browning Stainless stalker with synthetic stock and a Win. 70 with syn. stock. If you have any experience with these please let me know. Would rather not have to drill if I can help it. Be nice if I could find the size and not have to alter.

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    I have never used one in a rifle, but I have taken a few and put them on a large frame revolver that I had a barrel shroud on. It worked pretty well. I think on the rifle stocks you are most likely going to have to mill out a spot for it and glass it in the stock. It shouldnít be too hard to do though. Sorry I wish I knew more to help you out, but I have just had them on shotguns and pistols. Buy the way why do you want to use one any way, what cal rifle are you putting them on? If it is the muzzle jump, and recoil you are worried about you can always put a brake and a better pad on them. Just my two cents worth.


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    I've had one in a Ruger #1 375 H&H for about 15 years. It's been there so long I pretty much forgot about it until I shot a friend's new #1 375. Wahoo! I darned near scoped myself with his gun, I was so unprepared for the difference. After letting him shoot mine side by side with his, he immediately shipped his off to have one installed. It really does make a difference.

    You don't mention what calibers you are messing with, but I'm guessing that it would have to work in other calibers as well as it has in my 375.

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    Yes BB the Brn. is a 300 wm and the Mod.70 is a 7mm mag. which for some rason kicks harder than the 300. Am going to put a LS pad on both and was just considering the supresors to tone them down a little more. Both are shootable just trying to get them to be enjoyable to shoot.


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