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Thread: Jet-Eze De-Rocker for Outboard Jet Foot Grate

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    Default Jet-Eze De-Rocker for Outboard Jet Foot Grate

    Anybody ever use one of these? It is like having an electric powered stomp grate for your outboard jet foot. Seems like a "grate" idea, but I wonder why I have never seen one in use............scroll to the bottom of the link for a picture and description.

    Stopping (or worse yet...................being stopped) to pick out rocks or weeds is the #1 problem (OK maybe # 2 after fuel consumption) for jets and this seems like it might take care of the #2 problem?

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    Interesting. No price given for the stomp.
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    Love life and live it

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    Default Price Quote Pending

    They are supposed to give me a quote for a 150HP 2003 Mercury OBJ. Will post reply with quote when the get it to me..........

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    Default would like to hear!! thats the same motor i got!!

    let me know how much they quote ya, would like to know. I beileve it is the same motor i have!

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    Default Got a tilt grate from Karold's Welding in Fairbanks

    Jet-Eze never responded to my email request for a quote for their electric powered outboard jet foot tilt grate. I got and just installed a manual grate from Karold's Welding in Fairbanks. It cost $284 including shipping. The only thing I don't like about it is the handle is very short and only comes to just above the top of the jet unit. I am hopefully going to be able to test it out today during a 20-mile run.

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    Have mig welder can make improvements.......


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