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Thread: Any good gunsmiths in the Eagle River area?

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    Default Any good gunsmiths in the Eagle River area?

    Took my Glock out shooting tonight. Shooting some reloads and heard a pop sound. Guess I forgot to put powder in that one. Now I have a bullet stuck in the barrel. I tried to pound it out, but no luck. Started to deform the bullet and gave up. Know of any good tricks or a good gunsmith? Thought about drilling it out, but worried about messing up the barrel. Let me know of any good gunsmiths in the Eagle River or Anchorage area.


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    Some WD40, a 3/8" wooden dowel, and hammer got it out.

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    Gotta love a good squib! Glad to hear you caught it before you fired another round! A gun blowing up in your face isn't a pretty sight.

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