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    I was wondering if this river is runable with a prop. I was looking to try it out as I have never done so. Been in Alaska for 20+ years and never stopped at it. What is the fishing like there? I heard it has a good silver run. Is this true? If so are they in? Thanks for any and all help.

    By the way, there are lots of reds in the Kenai still. Silvers in whittier were hard to find last weekend but do-able. Willow has lots of pinks but still slow on the silvers. Just so you guys don't think i just want info, I am willing to share what i know.

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    Default 20 Mile

    I have fished 20 mile for years and it would be pretty tough to prop it up where the fish are. You could do the lower stretches but that's it.

    As for the fishing, it is OK but nothing like the little su in terms of numbers or fishing. This year there has been a LOT more people and the fishing has suffered as a result. Ever seen folks parked across the highway? They are this year. Too many folks for not enough quality holes. Beautiful spot though. I go there cause it's close. When I want lots of fish I go north or Whittier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryan19alaska View Post
    Silvers in whittier were hard to find last weekend but do-able.

    I saw lots of them Saturday in Whittier! Bryan, are you sure you were in Whittier and not dreaming on the banks of the Russian?

    Hey Gooch,

    I have been seeing that jet boat adventures boat by the bridge some days. Big boat. How far up 20-mile does he go?

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    Default 20-mile tour boat

    The glacier jet tour boat goes all the way to Carmen Lake via the Glacier River branch. I know someone who drove their boats for a summer and he said they beat them to pieces on the Glacier...........The 20-mile branch is not too bad for smaller jet boats all the way to river mile 10 at the ADFG "no more salmon fishing" marker. You can make the lower river 2 miles on a flood tide or probably want at least 18 feet on the river gage at low tide to have chance with a prop on a john boat or inflatable to make it anywhere.


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