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    Default Buffalo Mine

    Anyone got any info about private property at the end of Buffalo mine Road. I search the Archives and found one little bit, but I could use more. Such as avoiding it, boundaries, how dangerous are the people on it. anything would be appreciated.

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    I hunt off of Murphy Rd out there. There is alot of public land available, and so far, I have only met friendly and courteous residents ( A few helped pull me out of a snowbank last year.) I dont know what you are planning to hunt, I have only been out for grouse and hares, and have been fairly successful.

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    I've heard a few bad stories about being up there; not about the residents but other hunters. Territorialisms are not exclusive to the moose this time of year and caution is the utmost priority especially when you're not too far off the beaten path. Go to where the road terminantes and if the bridge is up again then you cross it and start hoofin' it through the woods about a 1/2 mile. You should be able to have a couple of meadows to glass from there. Good luck. Personally, I'd avoid there (and no, I don't hunt up there anymore).
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    check out the mat-su website under property records/ taxes and you can find out who owns it and where easments/public property are located

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    Never had people problems out that way but with the bridge out allot of land is more difficult to get too, and I'm sure the crowds will be bigger.

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    Default At the pavement break circle...

    If you drop down to the creek (Going right at where the pavement ends), the bridge is not up yet so unless you hit it low you won't cross unless in a 4wheeler you'll need a buggy or large truck.... especially avoid crossing late in the day, that creek gets really high. Good hunting that way though... 17 mile lake and Wishbone lake are mostly surrounded by bogs and meadows...

    If you continue down the dirt road past the pavement break there are a series of trails on the left that are 4 wheeler friendly and good hunting... I would avoid the right side of that dirt road all together because areas that are not sheer drop offs and ditches, are private property. The Baily's own some rediculous amount of land out there down that road on the right... and are not always friendly if they discover you on their property.


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