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    A friend of mine and I have a long canoe trip in the planning stages and are looking for suggestions about gear and canoe accessories for such a long trip. We're goign to be using an old 18' aluminum canoe.

    We're going to float the Mississippi from start to finish, so food and the ability to restock aren't concerns. I've been investigating rowing options for canoes, does anyone have experience with them or suggestions on brands or types?

    I'd also like to get spray skirts or at least rig up a few tarps to keep us and our gear dry during rainy days, and I'd like to keep our gear off of the bottom of the canoe if possible. Can you get adjustable webbing or nets for that, or has anyone ever rigged up their own system?

    Those are the add-ons I've been looking at recently, but if anyone has other suggestions for things we could look into I'd really appreciate it.

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    I've used tennis/volley ball netting to keep gear off of the floor of my raft. It's fairly easy to come by and pretty tough. I use parachute cord suspend it. All it takes is trial an error to get it cut to fit your needs.

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    Put all your stuff in dry bags and don't worry about it. It is best to keep the weight on the very bottom of the canoe.

    Canoes are made to paddle, not row. You are going downstream aren't you? I don't know how fast the Mississippi flows but all you should have to do is guide the canoe while you float downstream.

    Forget the spray skirt and invest in good rain gear. Get the spray skirt to keep frim shipping water if you go through heavy waves.
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