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    I am a new big game hunter. Recently left the valley and moved to the Kenai. Am looking for suggestions on areas for moose hunt in the Kenai. I have a boat and am willing to hump out a moose a couple of miles. I am curious about mystery creek and tustemna lake? Help is greatly appreciated. My buddy and I are looking at doing a hunt in Sep. I work on the slope and will be hunting in mid to late sep. We are considering a hunt in the valley so suggestion there would be good too. Also, if you are looking for a extra person a moose hunt let me know.


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    Post Tustumena Hunting

    Tustumena lake along the southwest shoreline is good area. If you go in by boat, you can pick from miles of beach for your base camp. Most of the land back in there has burned in wildfires at some point in the last decade, so the willow is abundant and so are the moose. You're best to establish a good tree stand location as the visibility through all the new brush will never allow you to walk up to a moose.

    The NE side of the lake is trophy only, so stay away from that area unless you have an appropriate trophy tag. The area north of the lake is heavily hunted via the horse trail access out of Kasilof, and it is very swampy land near the lake making it difficult to hunt. The beach in that area gets the worst weather, too.

    Word of caution, even though it is a lake, you need to have a solid sea-worthy boat to go out there. Tustumena will kick up nasty seas in a hurry with a high amplitude and short frequency wave action that is worse than what you see in the ocean. The wind and wave action is nearly always out of the SSE near the glacier. This will pick your boat up and push it high on the beach, so if you have a heavy sea-worthy boat (like you should) you'll be high and dry trying to figure out how to get back into the water (remember there are no tides here to save you).

    My method is to lay 2 anchors in series on a very long line with a bouy set just off the beach (maybe 10-15 yards). From there you run a line from your boat's bow, through the buoy ring, back to the beach with plenty of slack, and then back out to the stern of your boat. By pulling on the rope from the beach, you can pull your boat out to the bouy so the bow is into the waves. Tie off the line on a good anchor up at the tree line. Retrieve your boat by pulling in from the stern line. I've weathered several nasty storms on Tustumena by this method without any problems with the boat. Though I've had to wait a couple days for the water to calm down, so make sure you have supplies for some extra time on the beach.

    Oh, and there are plenty of bears down that way, so take standard bear deterrents around camp with your food storage and such.

    Good luck.


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