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Thread: brown bear hunting judd lake or talachulitna

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    Cool brown bear hunting judd lake or talachulitna

    Going brown bear hunting the middle of September I am uncertain if i should hunt the judd lake area or float the talachulitna hopefully someone will have some advice in this area thanks in advance Matt

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    well if you are more into fishing that hunting float the tal its a great river however from all I've heard and seen Judd lake may be a perfect spot for spotting and stalking bears up near tree line, there also should be a ton of streams with spawning sockeye up that way which I'd suspect the bears will be on untill the fish wash out. Lots and lots of black bears around the lower river last time I was there, only one grizz but it was huge.
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    Judd lake has some pretty heavy under cover and not easy to get to timber line. I've hunted that area there a lot of 7' to 8' bears you shouldn't have a problem getting your bear on either hunt. Just don't look for easy. Good luck!

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    Default Bears and the Tal.

    Floated the Tal years ago in Jul - tons of fish and did not pass a single sand bar that wasn't full of bear tracks - black and brown. Was charged by a sow with cubs. I also knew a gentleman who guided every year on the Tal for bears - always said he had never seen so many he said "too many bears". Good luck.


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