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Thread: Anyone fished Willow lately?

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    Default Anyone fished Willow lately?

    Just wondering if anyone has caught any silvers lately?

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    Default Not Willow but Jim Creek

    No need for you to go that far if you are from the anchorage area. Jim Creek has been producing a lot better this year. Go get em, we limited out there yesterday and today. Good Luck

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    I hit the willow last 8/12 (sunday). Walked the bank and saw plenty of pinks, chums and nice looking rainbows but no silvers. Later tho I found several who floated the river searching holding pools and they got silvers.

    However - later that day we hit the Montana and the fishing was hot if you could keep the chums off.

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    Default Silvers? Where?

    Been to both Willow and Jim Creek in the last 3 days. Pinks and chums at Willow with only a few silvers. Jim Creek has slowed down tremondously. There were only about 20 people out there this morning at 7:00 and only saw maybe 3 fish caught legally (that is in the mouth.) A lot of snagging and lining of fish going on out there. It is pretty sad!


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