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Thread: Russian Reds and Silvers?

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    Default Russian Reds and Silvers?

    Anyone have a good report for the russian and kenai confluence areas. Are there bright fish and many silvers showing yet.

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    Default just came from the confluence

    well there are plenty of spawned out reds, every cast you can hook up with one. the thing is this second run is mixed in with them and it gets pretty frustrating when you can see them and you are trying to get one, and you end up with a spawner on your line instead. some people are actually limiting out tho. i talked with one fella on the trail on his way back to the grayling parking lot, and he said his limit was filled in about three hrs on catching and releasing spawners. personally i got tired of catching spawners and came home. btw if you have beads or flesh colored flies targeting trout sure looks like fun, there were a few anglers i watched catch and release some huge and beautiful trout.


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