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Thread: Used inboards?

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    Default Used inboards?

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and I'm looking around for a boat.

    Many of the used boats I've seen have been I/O. How is the reliability of marine engines? I'd like a bowpicker for the open deck space, and many of the boats are commercial so I know they've been used well. Most of the ones I've seen are diesels.

    Also how hard is it to repower an I/O? I've had bad luck with my last used purchase, an ATV, and don't want to go through the same hassles with a boat.


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    If money is no object, go with an I/O, as they are expensive to repair and have the ability to sink boats, as they require a hole in the transom. If you're a maintenance freak, all the better, as a little water in the u-joints, fishing line slicing thru one of the prop seals, etc. can cost loads of $$$$ later, especially if you don't catch those problems early.
    Seems like now days the newer 4 stroke outboards are a better bet as they can burn less fuel, are more reliable than ever, and take up less room in/on a boat, plus you can usually tilt them up out of the water for prop repairs, line in the prop issues, etc. The Alaskan ocean water is pretty cold to get into those issues with an I/O. Wait and save your money for an outboard rig.


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