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Thread: Ak Fishing News: Return Upper Cook Inlet Personal Use Permits

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    Arrow Ak Fishing News: Return Upper Cook Inlet Personal Use Permits

    This news clip is from Alaska Fishing News. Discussion is welcome. This news feed is robot generated.

    From an ADFG News Release:

    August 15 was the deadline to return 2007 Upper Cook Inlet personal use salmon permits to the Department of Fish and Game. These are the permits for dipnetting at the Kenai and Kasilof rivers, and for set gillnetting at the Kasilof River.

    You are required to return the permit, even if you did not fish, or even if you fished but did not catch anything. Compliance with the permit requirements is important to the future management of the Upper Cook Inlet personal use fisheries and your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Failure to return an ADF&G personal use fishery permit is a violation and could result in a $200 fine and loss of future privileges. If you return your permit immediately no action will be taken

    Please review information you wrote down on the permit to make sure it is legible and correct. If no one went personal use fishing, please check the box “Did not Fish” on the permit and return it.

    Permits can be mailed to the Department with appropriate postage. For your convenience the address is printed on the back of the permit. Permits can also be delivered to your local ADF&G office during regular business hours.


    If you’ve lost your permit, or if it’s too damaged to go through the mail, please mail a letter that includes your name, mailing address, 2007 sport fishing license number, driver’s license number and names of the household members. Please provide a list of each time you went dipnetting/gillnetting, where you went, the date you fished and the number fish by species you kept, including flounder. If you went dipnetting but did not catch any fish, include the dates and locations, and write “zero.” The letter should be mailed to:

    Alaska Department of Fish and Game
    Personal Use Salmon Permits
    333 Raspberry Road
    Anchorage, Alaska 99518-1599

    For any questions, contact the Anchorage Sport Fish Information Center at (907) 267-2218 or Kristine Dunker, Fisheries Biologist in Anchorage at (907) 267-2889.

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    Maybe put this sticky in the dipnetting group too.


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