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Thread: Ready to shoot first handloads- advice?

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    Question Ready to shoot first handloads- advice?

    I posted this in the handloads forum.
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    I have found that my Ruger M-77 MK-II in .338WM shoots a group of at least three shots to the same point from a clean and cold barrel. When testing loads at the range, I always clean the barrel to similar conditions as when firing the first group. So I fire three shots, thoroughly clean the barrel, followed by a oily swab, which in turn is followed by two dry swabs to remove most of the oil. Since the barrel won't be as cool as when the first group was fired, I just select whichever of the subsequent groups proves to be more accurate, regardless of the POI on the target, and then go home and thoroughly clean the barrel one more time.

    I load ten 10 15 rounds of the most accurate load from the previous day, and shoot those three (or four) at the range from a cold/clean barrel, and from a solid rest. If the three first rounds were accurate enough, I adjust the scope to move the POI to the desired place, clean the barrel again, and a little later fire three more shots to see if the POI is where I want.

    Now I know if my rifle shoots best from a clean and cold barrel.
    If your rifle shoots best from a fouled barrel, then what I said above does not apply. There is an article titled "Whiter The First Shot?" in the September 2007 issue of Rifle that deals with cold steel and oily bores (clean fouled, etc.). It's a very interesting article.


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