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Thread: My 1st rifle and Grandpa's Enfield

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    Default My 1st rifle and Grandpa's Enfield

    The very first rifle that I could call my own was bought for me by my Grandfather. When I was 11 years old my grandfather told me that he was going to teach me how to fish, he hired me on as a commercial fisherman's helper for the summer. While we would pull the net he would tell me stories of how fishing used to be when he was a young man, he said he used to use a sail powered double-ender and at times he would be rowing the boat with oars. When I started fishing with him he owned a 25 ft wooden skiff that had a small cabin on the stern, it was powered with 2 old 40hp Evinrude outboard motors that he always had to start with a hand rope. I worked for him all summer long, setting out the net, pulling in the net, picking salmon, delivering the catch, washing the boat and constant bailing with a 1 gallon blazo can with the top cut out of it and a 5 gallon bucket. We would fish 5 days a week from sun up to way after dark. It was hard work for a 11 year old boy. When the summer fishing season was finally over in late August we packed up our gear and he told me we were going to bring the boat home. He wasn't one to wait around when the season was over, the very next day we left the bay headed for Cape Pierce, the next day we rounded Cape Newenham and on into Goodnews Bay to the village of Platinum. I remember there was a store in the village that was operated by Alaska Commercial Company. All the fishermen used to stop in to buy gasoline, motor oil and groceries. It was always a good opportunity for them to visit with each other, and tell each other stories about their fishing season and to make plans for the fall hunting season. Some of the men would buy new rifles or shotguns with their fishing money. My uncles would buy new shotguns and rifles and would occassionally buy one for their sons. As far as I can remember all the men in my family owned rifles, shotguns, and even a few handguns. My grandfather's favorite rifle was a 1917 Enfield that was issued to him when he was in the Alaska Territorial Guard, I remember he had modified the stock to his liking, he always carried that rifle on every hunt we ever went on, even when I became a young man he was still using that old sporterized service rifle. He would never let any of us boys use it, he said it was too dangerous. Don't know what ever happened to that old rifle.
    Anyway back to the story; While he was picking out the groceries we needed to finish up our trip he saw me looking at the rifles on the gunrack, I remember they had a pretty good selection behind the counter. He walked over and started talking to the store clerk, making inquiries about the guns. He then pointed to a rifle, the store clerk told him it was a Remington 572 Pump action and that it could shoot 22 cal long rifle bullets. Believe me I was listening intently to every word that was spoken. The clerk took it down off the gunrack and gave it to my grandfather to look over, he put it up to his shoulder and sighted down the barrel and said it looked like a good rifle. Then to my suprise he turned to me, put it into my hands and told me to put it up to my shoulder, it was a little long but I stretched out as far as I could, too hold that rifle. I sighted down the barrel just like I saw him do and I told him it looked like a good rifle too. He was smiling at me as he told me that I would grow to it. You should have seen the smile on my face, there was no one in that store as happy as I was at that moment. Before we left the store he bought me a brick of 22 cal long rifle shells. Needless to say my hard work throughout the summer paid off, I had my very first rifle that I could call my own. End

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    Great story.

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    Hard work does pay off. My first rifle was a .22 also when I was a youngster during the fishing season.
    The emphasis is on accuracy, not power!

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    Yes, neat story! Thanks.



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