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Thread: are my eyes going bad??

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    Red face are my eyes going bad??

    I wonder... Prior to moving up, I heard over and over that there was more small game up here than you could shake a stick at. Now, that was mainly in referral to the Interior parts. I am on the lower end of the Peninsula and I have yet to see a small critter around Homer. I haven't been up on the hillsides much yet, but I expected to see more

    Now, MOOSE on the other hand

    Any insights for me? Where to have a look?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BucknRut View Post
    are my eyes going bad?? ......
    How old are you?

    My eyesight started it's descent into Hell at about age 48...........

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    I've heard about people taking grouse with sticks, but never witnessed it. Not only have I not witnessed it, but I have never heard of it from anyone who has done it first hand...though, many will tell you that's how stupid they are, none will prove it to you.

    Back in the day it was not uncommon for me to harvest 60 grouse in a year (mostly by slingshot). But to be honest, everyone that told me of their (grouse') ignorance, never produced one for dinner.

    A lot of people believe what they say, but few have done the half of what they believe.

    If it is totally on my shoulders for a real opinion, HOMER SUCKS.

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    I have killed grouse and ptarmigan with sticks but they were thrown at them. The only time I have been close enought to kill one with a stick still in my hand has been in the summer before the season opened. Go figure! I have also killed my fair share with thrown rocks and sligshots as a kid.

    I am not sure about Alaska having more small game than some of the states do. We do have a lot but most of it goes in cycles and some areas of the state do not have high numbers even then.

    The duck hunting does seem to stay about the same every year though.

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    Default Sticks and Stones

    I have kill one with a rock. Not really thinking that I would, so it might not count as much. I was pointing it out to my brother who did not see it. I picked up a rock and said right there. I have not killed one with a stick but tapped the same one three times with my fishing pole shooing it off the trail.

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    Done kilt one with a 3' piece of sch 40 pvc last year up on Birch Hill. I snuck into the woods and stalked it and when it heard me it started to duck and dive under and around cover,well I was finally able to get it.When my co-worker came out of the portajon he witnessed it,and we did get a pic on the phone. The good ol days Daniel

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    Default Now that's funny

    I've killed em with rocks, sticks, flyrod holders, a whiffle bat, grabbed em with my hands, run over em with a four wheeler, my dogs have caught em, seen em fly into windows, bounced em off my truck windshield and I've shot two or three just to see what it was like. Afterwards I was mad cause I felt like I was wasting ammo.

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    Many times I've almost tripped over grouse while hiking on well maintained trails around Chugach State Park. Once I went into the bushes to pee, had just started going, and mid-stream a grouse probably 2 feet from me startled and barely missed my leg. Made me pee all over my boots and pants too, little *******.

    It seems that I'm almost guaranteed to see twice the number of birds and rabbits when I'm out hiking or climbing, than when I'm hunting and actually looking for them.


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