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    Default Phone Found

    Found a cell phone while fishing, Not going to say where as I'll leave it to the the person who lost it to say the appropriate location and type. Don't quite know what "pm" means but if someone could explain it to me so I can get confidential information without creating a process of elimination. If no response I'll drop it off at the service provider.

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    Don't forget to turn it on and check the messages. Allot of people who have a brain will call their cell phone and leave contact info.

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    Battery was dead when I found it.

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    Default Charge It

    If you know someone with a charger, plug it in, check the phone list, pick "home", and call it. That's what I do when I find a cell phone.
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    did you happen to find it between anchorage and homer? Is it a grey nokia? If so its probably mine...
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    Default It's Bob's

    Did you find it on the bottom of Figure Eight lake? IF so it's Bob's. He dropped it through the ice hole back in December.
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    Sorry neither, returning it to service provider.

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    Default What service provider?

    Lost mine a while back either at the put-in at Cooper Landing or somewhere along the way. Would love to get it back. (Silver flip-phone style). My service provider was out of state though -- Cingular.


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