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Thread: brining to make ham?

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    Default brining to make ham?

    I have a bear ham cut that i want to smoke, ive heard to brine it and smoke. what to use to brine and how long ect ect? ill be using meat right away and dont like a real salty brine.

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    I have never smoked hams, but Morton's makes a product called Tenderquick or Quick Cure or something along those lines. You can get it at Fred Meyer or Carr's. It comes in about a 5 pound sack and it has seasonings and everything with it. There is a recipe on the bag for making hams, bacon, etc.

    I know this isn't a brine, like what you asked for, but I hope it helps.

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    Default sounds good

    close enough, now that i come to my sences im really trying to make a marinade for smoking a bear ham cut.

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    If you want a good marinade for red meat, try Dale's Steak Seasoning and Marinade or Moore's Marinade. I used to get it down south at Walmart. Don't know if they get it up here. I don't follow the label directions as it's too salty. I pour it in an old soy sauce bottle or one of those sport drink bottles with a "pop-up" spout. I use dry seasonings with a sprinkle of Mortons Tender Quick, fork the meat all over and then sprinkle it liberaly with the Dale's. It'll seep into the fork holes. Wrap or bag and place in fridge for at least a day, turning occasionaly. Remove, bring to room temp. Place in smoker 'till done.


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