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    This is a question I'd pose to all of you who have fished in Alaska with any of the Lodges ....

    I am from the San Francisco Bay Area and sometimes I will go salmon fishing out of this area with a party boat captain....However, when the weather is bad (windy) and we can't get out to the ocean fishing grounds, he will usually refund the money we the obvious question is this:

    Do the Alaskan lodge owners/operators have some kind of refund/rebate policy when the weather prevents you from going out on the ocean? Or is it just the customers' hard luck for the timing? Any response would be appreciated............Thanks.........

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    I can't say about lodges, but credible charter boat skippers will work with you either to reschedule or refund. They should have some kind of written policy about deposits and prepayments in such situations before I would give them a nickel.


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