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    I want to get my 5 year old daughter started in archey, I am unsure if this a little ambtious or not.

    However, does anyone have nay suggestions on a type of bow or when to get her started. Any advise would be greatly apreciated, and if anyone has a youth bow for sale let me know. Thank you!

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    If you are not sure about whether she'll like it or not then I'd recommend one of the kid's bows at your local sport'shouse...

    If you're more certain that she will enjoy it I can highly recommend the the Mini Genesis...

    I just purchased the original Gensis for my 6 yoa son. He loves it... Heck the whole family loves it.... When we go camping my wife and friends all take their turn. It's awesome.

    I would think the Mini would better suit your daughter... Or weight a few years and buy the original Genesis.

    They are spendy but it's an investment for her.

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    Check out Back Country Archery in Anchorage and see Bill, he's a great guy and my10 year old son loves going there. If you live in Wasilla go to Fletchers they are also great people. I'd recomend starting her off with a genesis bow and you can check out The BlackSheep Bowman's archery club for their youth achery program in the winter. I dont know if they have a starting age or not, but Lance, Dean, Chris and Benard do a great job with the kids .


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