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    What to you all know about Work Skiff's? I would primarily use if as an all around boat--fishing and beaching the boat for camping, etc. They look pretty rugged. Any experience? I would like to get a 19' or 21'. What to they typically cost? Are they really that tough?


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    Thumbs up MAGNUM work skiffs

    My buddy had one down in Sitka for several years that was 19' or 20'. It's made by MAGNUM and it's called the "MAGNUM Work Skiff". It's a forward helm/windshield design, all aluminum, and he powers it with a 4 stroke 115hp Suzuki propjob. He did everything that you want to do and more, and it works great. He swears up and down about how tough and seaworthy they are and he is hard on equipment. He's beached it (sometimes unintentionaly), slammed many rocks, logs, docks, and whatever else and he loves it. He's been caught out in Chatham Straight went it went bad and he's hear to tell about it without TOO many gray hairs. I even believe that he sunk it once and this motor is the second one. Out of the 3 different boats that he had down there, this is HIS best one. He moved up to the valley a year or so ago and I got to see it and it IS built stout. I believe the hull is 1/4". I took it down the Big Su in late May last year and even though it was a little heavier than a typical river boat of the same size, it handled great with plenty of power. He still has it and goes out of Whittier with it and so far hasn't had any issues. I don't even have a clue as to cost on these things. Sorry..
    Hope that helps in your search a little...

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    swampdonkey--thanks for the information. I've heard they were supposed to be pretty solid, but it's always good to hear from people who have first hand experience. Even though they may be heavier than a normal skiff, I think the extra thick aluminum is well worth the weight.

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    Workskiffs are great boats. There are quite a few running around down here in Ketchikan. I commercial fished with a guy who had a 18 ft CC w/200 Yamaha we towed around with us when we were out for a trip to hunt with. We ran all over the place through all kinds of weather and seas in the thing. It was built like a tank, and was a great handling skiff. His was built by Pacific Workskiffs now called Workskiff I believe.

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    To add to this discussion, I would like to say that the Workskiff made in Burlington, Wa is a very tough, commercial grade boat. I worked in a couple of logging camps that used them and I never saw a boat take so much daily abuse. I'm most familiar with the 16' and 19' models. I like the self bailing decks, tall sides and all the flotation. I know that Columbia Helicopters used Workskiffs for their heli-logging operations around SE for shuttling workers back and forth to the barge camps.

    It's cheaper to buy a lund or an Alumaweld, but they don't compare.

    Speaking for myself, the 19' model with the small pilot house cuddy or walk through pilot house would be the perfect skiff for fishing, hunting, or anything.


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