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Thread: Scope Mount Recommendations - MkII .338

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    Default Scope Mount Recommendations - MkII .338

    Hi Guys,

    Will not be hunting Alaska this fall, changed jobs and haven't built up leave yet - will be back next Fall better than ever!

    In the meantime, I want to replace the scope mounts that came with my Ruger MkII .338WM (I have a Bushnell Elite 1.5-6x mounted on it). What would you guys recommend in terms of sturdy and reliable mounts for my Ruger?



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    Default Ruger

    Aren't the scope mounts on a Ruger integral? I have Rugers and think the rings that come with them are the best you can get for the Ruger, IMHO.


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    Thumbs up Ruger rings

    Why would you want to replace the mounts made specifically for that Ruger? You can't get more sturdy and reliable rings for it. I wish all manufacturers provided such great rings with this type integral mount. Sure would eliminate a lot of angst when trying to get the scope, bases and rings to match the rifle.
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    I thought the Ruger mount was the best or one of the best systems available. Why would you want to change that out?

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    Default Ruger M77 MkII Mounts

    The Ruger mounts are excellent. Why polish a turd?
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    The Ruger mounts are very strong, and free when you buy a new gun. However, Leupold and others make very strong mounts for Ruger guns. I have a set of Leupold extension rings/mounts on my .338WM. This allows me to mount an older Leupold Vary-X III 2.5-8x scope on my rifle. The first 2.5-8x scopes were shorter than the new ones, and the turret interfered with the scope when moving it closer to my eye. That problem has been corrected with the new scopes.

    Yes, I should have purchased a rifle with a shorter stock, but with the extension mounts and rings the problem was solved.

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    Default Thanks Guys...

    for the responses and the input. I always check my mount screws before a session at the range, and on a couple of occasions two of the screws were a little loose. I've never experienced this with any of my scopes or rifles, so maybe I made a poor assumption of the culprit and should have asked a different question.

    Could be that the Loctite wasn't applied (or applied right) when I had the scope mounted; this is also the first gun I've sighted in with a Caldwell Lead Sled (with 2 bags of shot), so maybe the initial Lead Sled sessions (I only shoot from hunting positions once the gun is sighted in, so the Lead Sled stays home) were harder on the mount than shoulder firing, and jarred the scope mount more than normal?

    I have time on my side since the .338 won't see AK again until next Fall, so maybe the thing to do is remount the scope and apply Loctite, re-sight, and see if that cures the screw loosening.

    (And for the one guy who asked - all my guns shoot better than me, but we [me and the .338] have killed the only moose and wolf we've had the chance at so far).


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    I have a Ruger MK II .338 with open sights, Decided on the Warne quick release rings and love them. Something to think about if you have open sights, nice to have the option. KK


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