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Thread: Polaris Ranger XP

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    Default Polaris Ranger XP

    Anyone own a ranger XP? I am in the market for a UTV, and i thought i had settled on the Rhino until I looked at and drove the Ranger XP. Any comments from those with experience with the XP would be greatly appricieated.


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    Default Ranger vs. Rhino

    I suggest you acquire both companies' promotional videos on why each machine is better'n the competitor's model. Sit down with an open beverage and an open mind. Then you oughta' watch them again, I suspect, to confirm your first opnion. Select those promoted features that appeal to you and make your own decision. I think both are quality units but with slightly different end uses. Or, I've got both DVDs and you're welcome to borrow them, I'd like them back however.

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    Default 2006 Ranger XP

    I have a Ranger XP. I looked at the Rino's before deciding on the XP. I use mine for hauling material into my property, so its mainly a workhorse for me.

    My only complaint is that the steering wheel feels like your driving a bus! The bench seat works great for hauling my kids, wife and sometimes the dog. If I didn't use it most of the time for hauling material and gear, and I didn't need to carry 3 people, I would rather have the Rino... I think.

    The Ranger is wider than the Rino, I find this a benefit when I need to straddle ruts from 4 wheelers.

    If you use it as a pickup truck most of the time... the Ranger is probably the right choice.

    If you use it as a Jeep most of the time the Rino or RZR is probably the right choice.


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