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    Hi all, it has slipped my mind...when I am shooting uphill, do I hold high or low. I don't remember as it has been a while. I appreciate any help given, thanks in advance.

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    You will need to aim slightly (amount is a BIG variable here depending on many factors) low since the bullet doesn't fight gravity as much up and down hill as it does completely perpendicular to the earth.

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    Thank you!

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    Default Leupold Range Finder

    If you have the finances, buy a Leupold RX II. You can set it to "hold" and it will tell you how mush to hold over or under.

    If you don't, remember to hold low for the distance with EITHER a steep uphill OR downhill shot. I keep a cheat sheet taped to my rifle that reminds me (when I have time) how much drop there is with the cartridge in my rifle.

    I shot a blacktail at about 275 years last September at a steep uphill angle. At that distance on the level, I would have to hold about 4 inches high. I just put the crosshairs on the animal and shot. Result - 1 dead deer. That was before I bought the RX II.

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    Default Horizontal distance

    Shoot the horizontal distance to the target. Like many treestand hunting hunters, they range the animal, not the horizontal distance to the target. Kind of hard on a mountain, but just shoot the horizontal distance to the target.

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