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Thread: Distance of Port Nellie/Culross junction.

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    Default Distance of Port Nellie/Culross junction.

    Trying to figure how far it is from the Whittier harbor to the far end of Culross. If I remember correctly it was about 23 to the Dutch group...may be way off though.
    Any help with mileage would be appreciated...trying to figure out a fuel estimate so I am prepared.
    Thanks much.

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    Just measured it off on Google Earth (cool tool by the way). Looks like its about 28 miles.

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    Thanks...didn`t even come to mind.

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    Default Whittier to Culross Passage

    If the weather is good, it's a fabulous run! My charting program shows the distance as 25 nautical miles (28.7 statute miles) to the south end of Culross passage across from Applegate Island. If you follow the 1/3 rule for fuel (1/3 out; 1/3 back and 1/3 for reserve), you'll be fine. My boat gets 0.8 nautical mpg (normal cruise at 18 knots/normal conditions - no more than 4' seas), I'd calculate needing 2:45 for total (round trip) time underway and a total fuel burn of 62.5 gallons (plus another 21 for reserve) means I would need to have a minimum of 83.5 gallons on board before I left Whittier. Good luck and have fun! Mike

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    Thanks for the info. My boat does 8mpg which is sweet at the pump but is also a small boat so the open bay makes me nervous unless it`s completely flat.
    I ran around for a bit and out to the Dutch Group and directly back and ran out off fuel right at the harbor entrance and drifted right to the fuel dock. I had spare fuel but really was surprised by the mileage.


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