Just got back from a great vacation in Alaska!!
I want to thank everyone on the forum for all the great information. Aug. 1st was my first evening on the Russain river just down from the ferry, on my 3rd cast I had my first fish on. Lost that one but after another 10-15 casts I landed my first fish. Had my limit of silver Reds in about 1 1/2 hrs, then it was time for dinner and a nice cold beer.

Next day we were off to Deep creek beach for some great Razor clams.
A couple of days later we fished just down stream of the power line on the Kenai, lots of fish but all dark red. We did keep a couple of blush fish for the smoker. Stay 2 nights at the Russian river camp grounds and fished the combat zone for a couple of silver ones, I do like to watch everyone fish.

Next stop Kultina River, caught a few blush Reds for the smoker and landed a 30 lb King from shore what a rush. Didn't have a stamp so I let it go, it was on the dark side anyway.

Off to Valdez rented a boat and caught 5 nice silvers, could of caught more but cooler was small and had to take the wives to Shoup Glazier.

Next trip we are leaving the wives at home and are getting down to some real serious fishing in 2010.

Thanks again Forum members