I don't know if this is the appropriate forum or not, but if it isn't feel free to move it mods.

I moved up to the Anchorage area a couple months ago and am looking for someone to help "teach me the ropes" of hunting in Alaska. Deer and elk aren't quite as large as moose and since it's **** near impossible to draw a sheep tag out west I haven't hunted for them either. Right now I have no plans on hunting here this year since I can't afford out of state tags and I have an elk and deer tag in Colorado but if someone is looking for a pack mule or snuggle buddy, I'm more than game (not really with the snuggle buddy unless you're a girl and my wife concedes or if we get really really lonely or if you're cute I guess). I'm in pretty good shape and like to hurt myself so I ought to be a pretty good candidate for a sheep hunter next year. I can only help out on the weekends though since I have a job and I gotsta make money to live in this ridiculously expensive town.

In my spare time I find antlers and skulls and I would fish more if I could afford it/knew where to go where there aren't people.