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    I was wondering how bad I am getting hosed on my commercial insurance. I have been quoted about 3K for 1 mil liab and then 7.5% for hull on my new supercub for a total greater than $14k/year.

    Ironically, this company says that he cant offer a p&b for lower 48 w/ AK at all, but will do my commercial.

    I think the av insurance just took the #1 spot over from lawyers.

    I was told this rate is the norm, even if I lived and worked in AK for 20 years. Is this true?
    If not any recomendations on a good insurer?

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    Since it is commercial, was it through London Underwriters?

    Have you called Falcon Insurance of Alaska in Soldotna? 1-888-543-5548
    Ask for Dean or Patty and say Alex said to call...

    Mike Kardatski (sp) who used to run Aviation Insurance of Alaska in the same building, closed up shop after they were bought out by some out of State company called Air Sure.

    I have Liab and full hull coverage and I am doing float rating and tail wheel training.. Mine is only $3,500 a year.
    It was only $1,150 for Liab only....

    I think I may be one of a couple people in the State who actually has insurance to do floatplane instruction...

    A couple buddies of mine claim to be self insured... in other words they have a paper company and claim everything is leased to that company..
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