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Thread: Russian River Trout

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    Default Russian River Trout

    Curious if anyone has been trout fishing on the Russian lately? Just wondering how it went and what type of fly pattern seemed to be working the best.


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    I was up there last Thursday fishing for reds and got a report from a guy fly fishing there. He said that he had caught a few on some dries but there were no eggs in the water so the bigger bows would still be out in the main river. That day there was a nice caddis hatch.
    I am heading that way this weekend so I will try and post another report if anything changes.
    Good Luck!

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    the fish are the most selective I've ever seen em, wouldn't take any of the usual offerings, spooked to flesh and eggs like I've never seen before, the I switched to this:

    Didn't see a single sockeye from pink salmon down to the mouth, utterly unbelievable for this time of year
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.

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    I've been thinkin of heading down there this weekend or mid week next week. Is tent camping allowed in the campground or is it banned like last summer?

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    Thumbs up Still Open to Tent Camping

    I was down there a week ago and there were tent campers around.

    A friend of mine called the campground early in the season (June) to inquire about whether there would be a curfew and/or ban on tent camping this summer. He was told that neither measure would be implemented unless there was another serious bear incident. Seems like that kind of activity has been minimal this year.

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    thanks alot. I was just about to call and see, but checked here first. Might be headed down there tonight and come back on tuesday. hope the trout are there.


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