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Thread: Kenai canoe lakes fishing

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    Default Kenai canoe lakes fishing

    I'm wanting to take my kayak back in the Kenai canoe lakes for a few days to get to know the area. I've heard there's some good fishing back there and I suspect there's rainbows, dollys and some land-locked salmon...maybe even some burbot. What would you recommend I use back there to catch the various species? I'm assuming some small inline spinners and maybe even small Rapalas. I don't plan to fly fish back there; I'd bring my small spinning gear. I've been fishing MN for the last 5 years, so I think quite a bit of the tackle I have would be usable in the Kenai lakes.

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    Default Gear for canoe trails

    No burbot back there to my knowledge. There are plenty of rainbows, and some of the lakes have CHAR (not dollies). Small spinners work great. You can tip them with the cured eggs you find in little jars. Keep your gear lght as the biggest fish you'll probably catch won't excede 20',unless yoy float down the Swanson in which case you may encounter salmon.


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