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Thread: Boulder Creek 20A

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    I will be going on a fly in in mid Sep, was wondering if ayone have any last minute information or past experiances they would be willing to share? I have searched the archives and found very little information other than it is a good spot.

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    I fourwheeled in there this past weekend and it is a very popular place!!

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    He's asking about a different Boulder Creek, in 20A. There are 24 Boulder Creeks in alaska.

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    If this is the same boulder creek that is roughly 1 hour by plane south of faribanks--foothills to the alaskan range, then I hunted across from it in roosevelt creek, I flew with wright air charters and was suppose to hunt it last fall, but wasnt able due to timing from the desert.


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    We will be flying into GMU 20A via Wright Air. Have been planning the hunt since last year, was looking for someone who had first hand experience in hunting the area.

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    My bad Thunder73, I was thinking of a different Boulder Creek.

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    ok, bear in mind that it was 2 years ago, I hunted roosevelt creek, which was basically 5 miles away I would guess, but we could see each others areas. There were 4 hunters in boulder creek when I was in roosevelt, we were there the first 10 days of sept, they took 3 bulls--2 over 60 by day 2 and got a 50+ by the 3rd day, if I remember correctly you will be on a hill, so you will have a good vantage point. I asked wright air to fly me over boulder after my hunt so I could look it over, lots of ground below camp, saw bulls fighting down by the main drainage, I don't think you will be dissappointed, had another friend shoot a 51 there last year. Wright air is an outstanding service, if I hunt moose again it would probably be with them. If you are by sportsman warehouse you can get a good topo of the area before you go, good luck


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