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Thread: arrow vanes question

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    Default arrow vanes question

    Ok I just received a dozen arrows that I decide to order on line. GT - XT 55 75 w drua vanes. Unfortunately I ended up getting 3" vanes instead of the 4" that I have on my other arrows. Will this make a difference in shooting as I would guess the 3" will be lighter or can I use both sizes intermittently? Not worth cost of shipping to send them back so I will probably just stay with the 3" for awhile.
    Next question, why use a 4" to begin with, does the longer vane make the arrow fly more true?
    ( using slicktrick 100 grain broadheads 29" arrows out of Q2xl @ 60lbs )

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    If you are shooting broadheads, the 4" vanes will definitely help stabilize the arrow quicker and more effectively than 3" vanes. With the Slick Tricks, the difference may not be all that much.

    The one exception to this is the use of the Bohning Blazer vanes. They are a 2" vane that has a higher profile and therefore stabilize broadheads very well.

    The only way to truly know for sure is to shoot your set-up at different ranges to determine if there is a remarkable difference between your broadheads and field points.

    Good hunting!

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    AKMarmot is correct, the longer vanes will work better with your broad heads. The Blazer vanes work well too. But with the blazers not all rests will allow them to be shoot, some do not have enough clearance. If you want to see the effectiveness of your vane-broad head combination shoot it at longer distances as AKMarmot suggested. 40+ yards should tell you all you need to know.

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    Default Vanes

    Sending the arrows back to get the 3" vanes replaced sounds like a pain.
    Perhaps you could find a buddy who has a fletcher, and change the vanes yourself.
    It's not so hard to do; it's kind of fun to build your own stuff anyway.
    Once you know how, you can fix damaged vanes on your own-

    :} Dave

    PS- I'm a blazer fan!!


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