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Thread: Fly outs?

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    Default Fly outs?

    Are there any fly out hunts where you basically go to air port, take off, get dropped off, hunt and get picked back up in a couple days? If so what would the price tag be?

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    Default flying time

    is what you pay for. it doesn't matter whether you stay for an hour or a month, you'll pay the same amount.

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    Default Drop hunting

    What youíre looking for is a drop hunt. This includes being dropped usually on a gravel bar where you will hunt as long as you choose and be picked up at a pre determined time.

    This type of hunt places a lot of responsibility upon you as you will need to do your home work about that spot. Donít just leave it up to the air service. They work for you and you need to know a lot about what you are looking for prior to the hunt. All good hunts begin about a year ahead of time and there are lots of questions asked and many maps pored over. Ask questions, lots of questions. A lot of guys have a lot of knowledge to share on this forum and donít be shy about asking for help. Donít just jump into a quick hunt as most often you will be disappointed in your results.

    Price: Most flying services charge a flat rate per hour. Up here in Kotz the rates are running between $400-$500 per hour (cubs up to 207ís) and that is round trip so you pay for the pilot to fly back usually empty. Expect to shell out $3,500 or so for the flight.

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    Prices range from 350 to 450 a hour of fly time. Example if you fly out 1 hour to a drop off spot then your fly time is 2 hours and 900. dollars.

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    Default Details on fly-out drop camp hunts

    You've summarized a drop camp hunt very succinctly, but of course there is a LOT more to it than that. Gear weight restrictions, charter locations, tach time rates vs trip rates, equipment, and many more things must be looked at before jumping into an airplane for a hunt.

    One of the most important considerations is the selection of a hunting area. Most experienced Alaska hunters don't leave the selection of their hunting area to the pilot. Instead, they do their homework and carefully select an area based on a number of factors. Those who leave that planning to someone else may not see game at all- or end up in areas with a lot of pressure from other hunters. It will end up being just an expensive camping trip.

    If you're serious about this and are not frightened off by the high price tag (these guys are correct- you can plan on spending around $3500 for a decent drop-off charter fee, in and out), click on my name in this post to drop me a private message and I'd be happy to go over the basics with you. There's a LOT to this.

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