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    Question Tier II

    I need to see if there was something that I missed on the 'new' requirements for caribou in Unit 13. I thought that I had read that the atlers had to be either cut or the skull plate cut in half, before they left the kill site. Did that get changed at the last minute? I had gone 'outside' with my son-in-law to recover a new truck. When we came by Eureka last night we saw several caribou racks that had not been either cut in half or one side cut off.
    Is there a chance that Fish and Game are just enforcing that rule? If this one is not being enforced what about that other 'new' requirements?
    Anyone have any insight?

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    Unless you see the head up close it is hard to see if the skull plate has been cut. The hunter can use a bone saw to cut straight down through the skin and skull between the 2 sides of the antlers.It only takes a minute and isn't visible from a distance.


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