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Thread: Fox in the snow

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    Default Fox in the snow

    Been lurking for while and thought it was time to participate. I've been trapping for about 5 years, doing pretty well and getting better. I've gotten pretty good at trapping marten, mink, and beaver but I seem to have terrible luck with fox. For all my efforts I have 1 pelt to show for it (it was pretty big though).
    What are some of the favorite methods around here? Scent/urine post, bait, blind, cubby.....? Any help would be appreciated. There are plenty of fox in the area I just don't seem to be sneaky enough.
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    Default where are you at?

    Where are you trapping at? Snaring is the best way to go if you can. Snare their trails, or set up small bait stations.

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    Default Snare

    I agree, look back through the posts and check out MartenTrappers post on making and setting snares. It's lethal and a ton of fun - I prefer it over leg holds.

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    Lurch snaring is very effective but footholds can be an option as well using trail sets, snow holes and mound sets near a big bait to name a few one of the secrets of snow trapping fox if they are leary is keeping clean and having as little disturbance in an area as possible. coverings of trap pans using coffee filters or wax paper and covering with dry powder snow that you do not use your hands to cover use a metal spoon or spatual that is kept at air tempature while on the line. your question is very vague if you got more specific we could guide you
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    Lightbulb fox snaring

    one of my favorite methods is to run the sled through some brush and set the trail that it makes, fox will always work your trail, and you will catch him this way, just lean off the back of your machine and hang the snare, this method will work really nice for all the canines

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    Default I did ok on my first year of fox trapping...

    Ok, I am not experienced, but I got like 9 foxes last year. I did best on stump sets on our beaches. I had a spot where the foxes were coming off the tundra and gathered at meeting place, pee'd on a stump and wallowed in a dead sea gull.

    So, i dug a hole under a stump where the roots formed a 'V" that forced them to walk over my trap. And, sometimes, I had to add some big logs on teh sides to force them onto the trap. Then i put old fish with fox pee in the bait hole under the stump, covered with wax paper and FIR NEEDLES! and I put fir needles all around also! OH, i will be storing my traps in fir needles this year also!....

    that was one good set for fox...the other one i had was a LONE tree on teh tundra...every fox came by it so i dug a hole at the base, set bait anda kotex with beaver scent on it, sometimes fox pee...and they came into it also...

    i erased my tracks as i walked away...and tried to watch my scent on the traps....i have new, military rubberized bags this year for storage...i keep my gloves in a small bag with fir needles....rub some on my knees before i squat down...and on my boot soles....

    also, i will start setting out of my tobaggon this year if i can...i think that would help, but, you can't always do that...

    got beaver mounds? set at teh beaver mound, dig out a hole, put beaver lure in it...then on teh dam, set a couple of leg holds on it and bait the middle out....they will walk the dams also, as will most anything!...

    ok, my two cents....
    Scotty in the AK bush

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    Default start early with traps closed

    20 yrs ago a old timer told me this when i first started-go out before the season and make den like sets-useing fallen trees and what not to make a den with only one way in.cut dry grass into small piece's(2-3 inches)mixed with little bit bait,place trap closed until the season opened.i would use hairs from hunting hides mixed with the grass.when it came time to open sets almost all had fox staying in them.

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    Default one problem with trapping fox that I had last year..

    all the fox that I caught were out of town. Everyone said, "set at the dump"....i did trail sets, trash bag sets, coni sets, etc...nothing....notta one...

    then on my sets on the beach, etc, i got alot...i even had one fox stick his head in a 330 that i setup over a hole in the ground!....put fish in it....and put horse dodo on on the 330 arms....

    so, i think that when they get into the dump or into town, they are on their toes....outside of town, they seem to be a little less cautious...

    teh foxes in town will let you get really close to them, but, i think in turn they know teh smell of humans even more.....

    whatcha think....
    Scotty in the AK bush


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