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Thread: Bow Hunt Restriction Loophole.

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    Default Bow Hunt Restriction Loophole.

    On page 17 of the regs, the little box in the lower right states that although a certification is not required, it is SUGGESTED that you carry it in the field with you. There is no where on that page regarding bow hunting restrictions that states it is required BUT if you look in a managment area; say around Los Anchorage or Eagle River, the city limits managment areas will state at the end of the paragraph describing the number deliniation that it is required. So, my interpretation is that there are no statutes or laws REQUIRING a bow cert or IBHA equivalent OUTSIDE of the management areas... what do you think? Conceivably, I think that a hunter could argue this in court and win. (Not this one though)
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    It doesn't say no special "certification". It says "No special license or stamp..." In the yellow area directly above the inset you refer to it says clearly:

    Education Requirements
    An IBEP or equivalent certification in any weapons restricted hunt.

    If it's listed in the regs as a designated bowhunt by either physical area or by dates, than an IBEP cert is required.


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