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    I have some family coming into town this weekend and have planned a float down willow to do some fishing. I was wondering if anyone else has done this and what their experience was. How long a float is it? Any challenging sections? Fishing tips? Or just any overall impressions/suggestions of the river/float. We are renting rafts from the outfit at Willow.

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    the whole river is shallow narrow and has a lot of sweepers the powerline log jam is unrunnable but you only worry about that if you go shirley towne down. Spot and stalk the silvers... GOod luck
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    Default Shallow and Sweepers

    My wife and I ran it early this year. We floated from the parks down in 2 hours or so with no stops. There were a lot of sweepers and it is pretty narrow in places with logs and trees on both sides. Shouldn't be too much of a problem though if people are comfortable on their rafts. I have a 13' 2-man Scadden raft and there weren't any places that I couldn't go. I have seen up to 16 footers on the river without a problem. There were some tight spots to watch out for. Just make sure and set-up for them and you'll be okay. I wouldn't put a bunch of beginners in their own rafts though. Good Luck and have some fun.


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