Mathews LX: I Need Your Help My name is Adam Barrett. I live in Palmer Alaska and have been an archerytalk member for the last 4 years. Approx. 2 months ago, my parents house was broken into. All that was missing was a few pieces of minor jewelery..(my mom was visiting Vegas and had the rest with her)...and my new Mathews LX... specs: Mathews LX 60-70#, 28-29" archers choice 5 pin sight, trophy ridge drop away rest, mathews webbed 5 arrow quiver, with 5 gold tip XT Hunter 7595 arrows (4"fletching, with 125 grain 3 blade muzzy broadheads, apprx. 7" camo stabilizer, super peep, string silencers, and Shrewd high rise grip. That is an exact detailed description of the hunting bow as it was setup when stolen out of my garage!!!!! I have the serial number if you think you may have any information. The person who is believed to have taken it would have sold it very cheap and does not know much about archery or its equiptment. If anyone has done any business with anybody from Alaska...i.e...palmer, wasilla, anchorage, houston, big lake, willow, sutton, etc...please contact at the number below... Remember...this is someone who broke INTO MY HOUSE and stole my LX...if you saw an LX for sale on here from Alaska...any information will help...any post you may have seen regarding mathews, LX, or Alaska, any information would be greatly appreciated...I saved up for a long long time to get that bow, and I didnt even get to hunt with it before it was stolen.....Thank you and remember....anything you can remember will be greatly appreciated!!! Thank You....Adam Barrett (907) 745-5445 house (907) 841-6569 cell (907) 357-2582 work