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Thread: Interesting twist of fate...

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    Default Interesting twist of fate...

    Sort of. Interesting, nonetheless.
    We've been demolishing our basement. House was built in 1921, putting a new forced air gas furnace/AC in, but had to completely rewire the house before starting, most of the wiring is the old cloth-covered stuff that critters like to chew on, and Mr. Fire likes to get going...anyhow, the new neighbor is a carpenter, he was over this afternoon while we had the barbeque going, got to talking about his guns and shooting. Took him down to the dungeon to show him around. Ended up going through the contents of the dungeon, and I handed him my push feed M70 .375 H&H with the plastic stock that someone had epoxied 3 lbs of shot into the forearm. He asked where I got it when I mentioned the shot, I told him, and he said it had been his Dad's rifle! He took the original stock off, thinking that would make it shoot better, and put this Butler Creek POS on there. I didn't think that the world was that small! I HAD to ask if his Dad still had the original stock and he replied yes, he did, but it was on another chance of getting it back, it's his pet, but at least it answers a few questions I had!
    Apparently, he got rid of it because he couldn't get it to shoot better than 3/4" groups at a hundred!!! I have to find out what load he was using to get those terrible groups!
    Ah, well, sometimes it's more fun than I imagine it can be!
    Take 'er easy, All!

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    Thats' pretty neat,, small world...
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    Small world indeed...thanks for sharing the story.


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